About Us

Trendy & Rare is a high-end Belgian Clothing Label that offers exclusive and limited pieces for both men and women. We help our clients stand out by selling more than just clothing. We sell stories, experiences and status.

At Trendy & Rare we value our clients and we make it our mission to understand their wants and needs. That’s why our main focus lies with their need to be exclusive and belong to a privileged group of people. A lot of our clients don’t just own our Bentley themed t-shirt but also own the car itself. Among other cars, obviously.

So our USP has been created by listening to our clients. That’s how we were able to cater to their specific expectations. As a result an international clientele has found their way to the Trendy & Rare label. Now resulting in a lot of word-of-mouth marketing in the right circles.

As of now our biggest group of clients is located in Western Europe and Japan. Clients ranging from youths combining our brand with powerhouses like Off-White and Supreme to established business men and even the former Japanese minister of foreign affairs.

Flagship store

Early September 2018 our first flagship store opened in the Harajuku district of Tokio.

Besides Japan, Trendy & Rare is being distributed in Belgium, France and the USA through various partners/stores and worldwide through our online store. To make sure our online store can co-exist with our brick and mortar store(s) we will introduce online and offline only items. Encouraging customers to shop on both channels.

Thanks for joining us on this amazing ride.

Stay Trendy&Rare.